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Meet Otis

Introducing OTIS

Snyder Elementary’s New Canine Co-Counselor

The students and staff at Snyder are very excited to announce that we will have a dog on our campus! 

Otis recently passed his test to participate in Animal Assisted Activities at Snyder Elementary. He has his Advanced Canine Good Citizen Certification as well as his Intermediate Trick Dog Certification.  He will be at Snyder soon being introduced to students and making classroom visits.

Otis is a 3-year-old Berniedoodle. His father is a Bernese Mountain Dog, and his mother is a poodle. He is a big boy at 85 pounds! He loves getting lots of human attention and he can’t wait to come to school. He even knows some tricks!

On the reverse side you will find a release and permission form to fill out and mark if you  give your student permission to work with Otis, or if you would prefer your student not work with him. Please sign and return this form. Your student’s teacher will keep track of which students have permission to work with Otis.

Please feel free to contact me at 832-663-4407 with any questions.

Lisa Hayes

Snyder Elementary Counselor  

       Release and Permission to Participate in Animal Assisted Activities