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Lunch Visitors

Starting August 21st, we are excited to welcome parents in to the building in a safe and healthy manner.

  • In order to allow your child time to socialize and develop connections with friends, we encourage you to limit the number of times you eat lunch with your child to no more than 1-2 days per month.
  • Parents may be more comfortable dropping off their child’s lunch, saying hi, and allowing your child to socialize with their peers.
  • All visitors will need to check in the front office and show the receptionist your ID.

Please know that there will be many other opportunities to volunteer this school year, for example; Boosterthon Fun Run, Library Volunteers, PTO volunteers.


We welcome lunch visitors at Snyder and want to ensure the continued safety and security of everyone as they enjoy their time together. If a grandparent, family member or adult other than the parent/guardians want to visit your child during lunch, the parent/guardian must send in written permission to the front office. The note will only need to be sent once; we will keep the information on file so the school will have record of the permission being granted for future lunch visits. If a note is not sent, we will call the guardian to grant permission before the visitor is allowed to join a student for lunch.