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Gifted and Talented

Referral requests are now open for Conroe Independent School District Gifted and Talented program. Although the testing will not take place until late January, referral requests are accepted at this time. Referral requests can be made by the parents and/or campus staff.

All 2nd grade students will be assessed this Fall using CogAT which is one of the components of the GT testing process. It is recommended that parents of 2nd grade students wait until CogAT scores have arrived before nominating their child because CogAT scores are part of the GT assessment.

If you are interested in referring your child, you may want to discuss this with your child’s teacher at conferences. Referrals will be accepted through December 17, 2021. You may request a referral form from the front office or the Snyder counselors. You can also find the referral form and other GT information on the CISD GT homepage.